Please don't forget about our Fall Seminar. October 3rd 11am-2pm
The pre-registration period has already passed, but you are welcome to attend. The price at the door is $55, all styles of Martial artists are welcome.

Also please note that our normally scheduled October Black belt class has been cancelled to focus on this Fall seminar.  Please update your schedules accordingly.

  Private Training SPECIAL   Only $250 per month

Train directly with Grandmaster Kim himself !
Call for an appointment to get the first class free !
Spaces still available Monday & Wednesday from 11 AM-12 and Tuesday & Thursday from 6-7 PM.
*Other time slots may be available upon request.

(513) 777 - 1111  


Promotion Test Scheduled for Friday November 6th at 7 PM at the Main School
Don't forget to check out the News section for information about recent promotions to Black Belt !

Private Lessons are available and encouraged. Please call Grandmaster Kim at the Main School (513) 777-1111

Please watch the Korean Tigers Demonstration video.