Grandmaster Hong Kong Kim

Grandmaster Hong Kong Kim

9th Degree Black Belt

President of the United States Kumdo Association

President of the Ohio Taekwondo Association

President of the International Martial Arts Federation

President of The Federation of Midwest Korean American Association, USA

1st Class International Referee

Other Accomplishments

2007 United States Martial Arts Task Force

1992 U. S. Olympic Team Coach

USTU Vice President for two terms

1988 Seoul Olympic Games Evaluation Committee member

1988 Seoul Olympic Games Technical Advisor for the US Team

1987 Pan Am Games Head Referee

PATU Referee Commissioner for 10 years

USTU Technical Contest Rules & Referee Certification Committee Chairman

1978 World Games Coach

1977 World Taekwondo Championships Assistant Head Referee 1967 through 1969

Instructor for the U.S. Green Berets in Vietnam

Instructor for the U.S. Special Forces in Vietnam

Instructor at the Vietnamese Naval Academy

Instructor at the Vietnamese Air Force Academy

1966 All Asian Champion

1965 All Asian Champion