Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

    1. Je Jas (students) who enter or leave the Do Chang (Training Hall) will acknowledge with a Kyong-Yet (bow).

    2. At no time will any Je Ja enter the Do Chang with shoes on.

    3. Je Jas late for class will ask permission of the instructor to enter class.

    4. Never question (contradict) the work of your instructor.

    5. No jewelry or chewing gum will be allowed in class.

    6. Talk on the floor only when asking a question of the instructor. During the class period there will be no talking or laughter.

    7. No profanity will be allowed in the Do Chang.

    8. No Je Jas are permitted to smoke in the Do Chang. If Je Jas must eat, drink, or smoke with the Do Bok (Karate uniform) on, the belt must be removed and placed around the neck.

    9. Never smoke in the presence of the Sah Bum Nim (instructor).

    10. When entering the office, knock, Kyong Yet and enter.

    11. The master instructor will be addressed as Sah Bum Nim (5th degree black belt holder).

    12. Black belt holders will be addressed as Yu Dan Ja (black belt degree holder).

    13. Je Jas will address each other as Mr. Mrs. or Miss (Ms.).

    14. Whenever the Sah Bum Nim is holding class, no Je Jas will approach him directly. Approach the senior belt holder and ask his/her permission first.

    15. Show respect and love between senior and junior ranks.

    16. You will conduct yourself outside class as a lady or gentleman and a true Tae Kwon Do (karate) representative at all times.

    17. Tae Kwon Do, or any other form of self-defense will be used only as a means of self-defense, to protect yourself, your family, and the weak.

Failure to comply with the above can result in: Dismissal from class; a period of probation; a loss of grade and suspension from all activities; dismissal from the H.K. KIM'S BLACK BELT ACADEMY and all affiliates